Before working as a graphic designer Mr Lynch worked for many years as a fashion stylist in Dublin, London and Hamburg. Its this experience he takes with him when needed on advertisements. Doing everything from Art Directing the shoot with the photographer to finishing the final design on a Mac.

Adrian PR material 2

And another shot of Adrian. Next step revamping the website and working on the casino en ligne Design for his upcoming Album! Mr Lynch hopes that the Album Design is as good as the music! Keep your fingers crossed.

Photoshoot Albani

Working with Troels Berg, Mr Lynch coordinated and controlled this shoot together with the photographer to insure the result we where looking for. Styling the models and directing them to strike just that pose! Also taking part in the shoot itself (thats him climbing the can in the white t-shirt)


Yet again working with Damsted Berg. Mr Lynch did the styling for a TV spot which Damsted Berg was doing the art dirtection on. Making sure hair, makeup and clohes where perfect for the duration of the shoot.

From shoot to finish

Working as a fashion stylist on photoshoots is an a assit Mr Lynch often gets to use as a graphic designer.
Communicating the concept to the photographer, and taking part on the shoot making sure everything is perfect. Then finally digitally finishing the design himself.