Got a problem or need a job done?

Easter&Lynch are more than keen to offer their freelance services both as a team or single handedly. We deliver an array of professional and high quality services such as Graphic Design, Art Direction, Internet Design & Programming, Magasine Design & Layouting, Retouching, Composing & Final Artwork. Both Easter&Lynch come with a bag of graphic solution tricks so feel free to ask…

Oh, and by the way! Both Easter&Lynch are interested in teaching and training!

DesignDesign, design, design this way please! From business cards to campaigns, packaging to brochures and magasines, logos… Your chance to view some of Easter&Lynch’s portfolio!InternetNeed a Website, or optimise your already existing site? From concept and design to programming in Typo3. No bingo bongo music or flashing epilectic fits, just functional and user friendly!Final ArtworkThe uncredited hero! No matter how good your Design may be, without a proffesional Artworker there will be mistakes! Having learnt from many different jobs, we analyze and optimize every time.
Workflow SolutionsWant to optimise your productivety and at the same time save on time and money? Mr Easter has proven this time after time for some of the worlds leading agencies and companies!PhotoshootsFrom shoot to finish! Mr Lynch has also worked as a fashion stylist for magasine shoots in the past. Its this background knowledge of photo sessions that he often integrates while on shoots for advertisments.PhotographyFrom weddings to rock concerts! Mr Easter is a also a keen photograher who’s worked on packshots, CD covers to artistic photographs, plus his images have more often complimented Mr Lynch’s designs.